About INUO!

INUO! was born from the vision of seasoned experts. Together, they have created a firm that offers a new form of delivered efficiency, financial and operational impact, for profitable and sustainable growth.

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INUO! is an operational consulting firm that work alongside CEOs & top decision-makers to rapidly unleash their full potential business impact.

INUO! Management is a close-knit team with broad Performance, Financial, Industrial and Managerial consulting experience with a highly international profile.

INUO! is rich in unique know how and methods for quickly generating and sustaining EBITDA optimisation.

Renewal has always been first and foremost, a return to basics

Our Numbers


€20 Million Plus overall cash cost reduction (mainly in variable costs) for a global cement company


€5 Million risky investments avoided by improving existing production lines throughput.


Improved EBITDA by 3 Million to meet shareholders expectations


€5 Million extra in synergies delivered on top of an already successful merging


€4 Million improved EBITDA to rapidly turnaround a family business on the verge of bankruptcy


€30 Million additional EBITDA delivered to a water supply utility through recurring projects


Unlock the potential of your business with INUO!
Our proprietary techniques and expertise will quickly drive EBITDA optimization for sustainable growth.

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Experienced teams of specialists and experts in their fields, fully mobilized and heads-on on each project.

A pragmatic proprietary Data Drilling Program to assess, analyze and benchmark current performance and deliver quick results.

Our 100-360! methodology.

Aligning part of our fees to achieving sustainable results.

An agile and global organization, mobilizing all our expertise as needed

Trusted advisors in the implementation of growth levers, innovation and digital solutions.

A great knowledge of environmental, societal and sustainable growth issues.

Our Solutions

INUO! is your partner for fast-paced profitability.
Our global network allows for quick deployment of cutting-edge solutions worldwide.

Our Expertise

A unique approach to performance, financial and operational efficiency consulting.

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A team of experts, which consists of highly experienced partners, senior advisors and associates

One-stop growth and EBITDA generation

Recognized specialists for Performance plan implementation and turnaround program

Capacity to rapidly intervene as one team internationally. Anywhere, anytime.. the right team locally

Performance, Efficiency & Turnaround methodology. Proprietary of the INUO! Data Drilling program for a major impact

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Implementation at point of execution to deliver sustainable results.

Accompanying clients until results are attained and modifying the mindset of client teams for long-lasting change.

Decarbonation full approach as part of the performance methodology.

Market research, analysis & future business model.

Client Journey

Our Recent Engagements

A summary of our recent work and project undertakings

INUO! Labs

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INUO! Data drilling program – NEXUS!

NEXUS! Connect your operational performance to your P&L, enabling data-driven decisions and real-time insights

NEXUS! allows you to connect your operational performance directly to your P&L, providing you with a comprehensive understanding of your business performance.

With a simple click, you can drill down from high-level financial data to detailed operational KPIs, enabling you to make data-driven decisions that drive success.

NEXUS! is connected to your databases in real time, ensuring that you always have the most up-to-date information at your fingertips.

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