Client Journey

Drilling Data

Our experts analyze your organization’s operating data.

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Data Analysis

Cost performance analysis

Blind spots identified


Pre-roadmap of quick improvements

Identify, Map & Assess

Overall strategy alignment, from top to bottom.

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Working with Executive Management

Review of the Drilling Data Program Analysis

Discussions to understand the organization's strategy and culture

Identification of opportunities for operational and financial improvements and first level of benefits quantification

100 – 360! ROI-based approach

Confirm commitment to change

Share, Approach & Solution Design

Leveraging human capital to implement change quickly and sustainably.

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Working with Operational Teams

Two to three weeks operational diagnostic

Quantification, qualification and precise roadmap

Quick savings installation roadmap

Results linked to concrete KPIs / Advanced fee structure

Discipline in the execution

Embark, Align, Engage

Strong and lasting client relationships based on tangible and measurable value creation.

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Working with Operational Teams

Weekly delivery – weekly review

“Boots on the ground” Senior team & Specialists

Weekly results working hand in hand with your management and your team

100 – 360! delivery process / Cash neutral and ROI based

Behavioural change at point of execution

Toolbox installation

Knowledge transfer & training as key factor of sustainability success

Recognize 100 – 360! potential

In a typical engagement, we commence with the INUO and CLIENT transformation teams co-developing & designing a transformation solution.

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Embark operational teams

Main Activities:

In depth as-is review - Inefficiencies RCA - Statistical confirmation -  Potential magnitude


All teams aligned on potential & feasibility - Quick wins installed - Rec sheets in place


3 - 5 Weeks

Address potentials

Improvement teams, taskforce members and key resources then apply that learning to for implementation that drives ownership and localization.

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Develop tailored solutions

Main Activities:

Develop/improve: Processes - Management tools - Behavioural changes - Skills needs


Solutions validated - Training developed - Rec sheet valued - Evaluation running - P&L recons - Toolbox tested


3 - 5 Weeks

From potentials to improvements

Education based on competence assessment to create the required leadership and transformation skills.

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Get the developed solutions installed

Main Activities:

Test and install developed solutions - Develop managerial behaviours - Technical training


New operating standards in place - Foremen and Supervisors RACI


8 - 10 Weeks

Embed & solidify Improvements

Team members become sustainability champions.

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Reaching sustainability

Main Activities:

Follow up on performance - coaching on the floor


Roll out toolbox developed - CI people trained - Roll planning developed


4 Weeks

Operational Follow-up

Active coaching with CLIENT teams including lean forward leadership & active management behaviours, focus is on preparation and wrap-up and where appropriate ’in-the-moment’ coaching and shadowing.

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The performance wheel implemented

Main Activities:

Together, conduct audit - Define additional action plan


Additional action plan and toolbox implemented and active

Frequency of Audit:


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