About Inuo

INUO Strategic Impact was born from the vision of seasoned experts. Together, they have created a firm that offers a new form of strategic, financial and operational advice - and a profitable and sustainable growth strategy.

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INUO Strategic Impact advises top decision-makers to unleash their full potential business impact.

INUO Strategic Impact Management is a close-knit team with broad Strategic, Financial, Industrial and Managerial consulting experience while including highly international profile with several different nationalities.

Why Inuo

INUO Strategic Impact is rich in unique know-how and methods for quickly generating and sustaining new sources of EBITDA.

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Experienced teams, made up of specialists and experts in their sectors, fully mobilized on each project

A pragmatic and S2MART approach to implement changes and concretely deliver results.

Our 100-360! methodology.

Aligning part of our fees to achieving sustainable results.

An agile and global organization, mobilizing all our expertise as needed

Recognized experience in the use of growth levers, innovation and digital solutions

A great knowledge of environmental, societal and sustainable growth issues.

Our Work

A summary of our recent work and project undertakings

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