Understanding Client Needs

Overall strategy alignment, from top to bottom

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Working with Executive Management

Discussions to understand the organization's strategy and culture

Identification of opportunities for operational and financial improvements and first level of benefits quantification

100 – 360! ROI-based approach

Confirm commitment to change

100–360! Full Diagnostic

Leveraging human capital to implement change quickly and sustainably

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Working with Operational Teams

Concrete two to three weeks 100–360! diagnostic

Quantification, qualification and precise roadmap

Quick savings installation roadmap

Results linked to concrete KPIs / Advanced fee structure

Discipline in the execution

100–360! Full Impact Project and Sustainability Program

Strong and lasting client relationships based on tangible and measurable value creation

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Working with Operational Teams

Weekly delivery – weekly review

“Boots on the ground” Senior team & Specialists

Weekly results working hand in hand with your management and your team

100 – 360! delivery process / Cash neutral and ROI based

Behavioural change at point of execution

Knowledge transfer & training as key factor of sustainability success

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