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Inuo Strategic Impact offers a new form of strategic, financial and operational advice and a profitable and sustainable growth strategy.


INUO works with Boards, Corporate Executives and Private Equity.


Our range of services for Strategy include:

Strategic Planning

Portfolio Value Creation

Strategic, Commercial and Operational Due Diligence

International Development

Acquisitions, Partnerships, Joint Ventures

Innovation, Digitalisation and Disruptive Business Models

Decarbonation strategy

100-360! Full Efficiency Impact

100 days to diagnose EBITDA-positive operational programs and deliver quick wins, enabling the financing of a Full Potential Impact transformation program, whose monetizable results obtained after 360 days are characterized by ROIs of the order of 3 to 5.

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ROI-based approach and methodology; 100-360! unique method of implementation and delivery

'2-week' diagnostic

'100-day' cash neutral

'360-day' 3 to 5 ROI

Digital Solutions tailored to Full Efficiency

Full transfer of knowledge and ownership to local teams

Full care program insuring sustainability

100-360! Full Turnaround Impact

A unique methodology to leverage financials. Operational and human capital to implement necessary changes quickly and sustainably.

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Full Diagnostic Program

2-week program
Market Perspectives, Diagnostic of Financials,
Operations, Human Resources

Full Turnaround Plan

2 to 4-week program

Full Turnaround Program Implementation

12 to 18-week program

The Full Mid-term Support Program

1-week every 3 months

100-360! Full Sales Efficiency Impact

A unique model for creating organizational wide growth platform where people, processes, pricing, systems and digital tools are aligned for sustainable and profitable expansion, whilst delivering full value for the business and its customers.

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Sales Effectiveness

Value Proposition Enhancement
Speed to Market
Revenue Growth Strategy

Margin Maximization

Pricing Model Design
Accounts Receivable
Proposal and Contract Management

Channel Profitability

Customer Value
Marketing and Support Effectiveness
Accelerating Revenue Recognition

S2MART Digital Performance

With selected Partners, INUO has developed business solutions linked to performance, with real-time predictive intelligence based on specific technology.

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Digital Performance

Industry Specific Digital Footprint

IOT Strategy and Process Optimization

CCUS Performance Program

Real-time Smart Pricing

Augmented Sales

Smart Supply Chain

100-360! Environmental Impact

Our in-house acceleration program for net zero carbon businesses 2050 roadmap

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Footprint diagnostic and ecosystem maturity

Design – validation and pre-industrialization of a decarbonation project model

"Environmental performance/decarbonization" maturity assessment grid adapted to the context

Benchmarks – internal and external

Anchor a decarbonation culture of continuous improvement

Real impact on the Enterprise shareholder value

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